Submarine Channel



Interactive Documentary (18)


Web series in development

Echoes of IS


The Industry

Mapping the Dutch Drug Economy

POPPY Interactive

War and organized crime gone global

Bistro in Vitro

A sci-fi doc about lab-grown meat

Last Hijack Interactive

Emmy Award-winning interactive

Refugee Republic

Everyday life in a refugee camp

Who Are The Champions?

On the impact of the FIFA World Cup

Lagos Wide & Close

Journey into an exploding city


On the manipulative power of language

Keep On Steppin’

5 short films about human resilience

The Last Tourist in Cairo

A personal reading of cities

Viktor & Rolf

A year in the life of the fashion duo

The Last Tourist in China

Artist Jan Rothuizen's travels to the Pearl River Delta

Art After Crisis

Roadtrips Documentary Series

The American I Never Was


The Experience and Documentary

7 weken in China

Minimovies (14)

Town Ruled by Animals

Molotov Alva

Room 2017

Being A Fish In Japan

Ig Nobel Prizes


Small Nations, Big Games

I Love Alaska

Safety First

Dream City

Wild Scenes


Dear Oprah

American Prince