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ARTIFICIO is a web series that explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of arts. This project is currently in development.

Recent advances in AI have brought a revolution that affects a wide range of social, cultural and economic aspects in the field of artistic creation. The notion that machines may be creative, opens a new scenario that disrupts our concept of authorship and reshapes the entire business model of our creative industries. The current artistic capabilities of AI systems question everything we took for granted about creativity, a trait that we believed to be exclusively human.

Are we dealing with a new era in which machines and humans will collaborate, or is it rather a replacement of artists by machines?

Through four episodes of 12 to 15 minute each, we will delve into the impact of AI in one of the fundamental art forms: visual arts, literature, music and performing arts.

Throughout each episode, a friendly voice-over serves as our “arts tutor” guiding us on the technical and creative process of making an art piece. We will also meet and discover outstanding AI pioneering artists, thinkers and industry entrepreneurs who will answer our most basic questions and address our concerns.

The web series invites you to use AI tools to create an artwork, so you can experience how to collaborate with AI. But then, ARTIFICIO will also allow the machine to create a piece autonomously using data acquired from users. Can you distinguish who made what piece? Which of these options best represents the future?

At the end of each episode, you will be able to share your AI-assisted art piece with your friends. Will they like it? Do they want to try? And did you really become an artist



Format: web series + social media campaign
Episodes: 4
Duration: 12 – 15 min per episode
Language: English, French, German Spanish and Dutch


Studio Biarritz (NL), Faits Divers Media (CA), Cuiba Media (CA), Kloos & CO (DE) and Gusano Films (ES).



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