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Press Releases

Playgrounds vs. Submarine Channel Free Your Screen & Enjoy the Process – October 5th @ De Zwijger in Amsterdam. Playgrounds Festival is the funniest, most original, inspiring and most largely attended festival of motion design and animation in the Netherlands. In cooperation with Submarine Channel, Playgrounds is now spreading its wings with a special “warm up-edition” in Amsterdam for an inspiring, unique and intimate event with international creatives and the best of the best in the motion picture industry: animation, title design, music videos, commercials, character design, VFX and gaming. This year there will be a special focus on the process of moving image creation and design. The best studios from around the world have been invited to abandon their usual posts behind their computer screens to present their work, live.  International title designers including Neil Huxley (Watchmen) and DVEIN (event titles for OFFF and F5) will share an intimate perspective on their processes in designing film titles. Meanwhile, there is the opportunity to view the highly acclaimed “Watch the Titles on Tour” screening.

New Psychedelica in Music Videos – 2Pause production Submarine Channel presents a tribute to psychedelic music at the 2011 edition of Lowlands Music Festival, on August, 21st at 21:40. No old school videos here because this brand new trend in visual culture stems from the latest animation techniques and the modern-day revival of 60’s psychedelic art with roots in pop culture. Open the secret doors to your subconscious with this bedazzling selection: from semi-abstract dream videos to pounding techno psychadelia and surreal mash-ups of stop-motion madness.

Collapsus signals a new experience in transmedia storytelling that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary. This pioneering approach blends real documentary footage with mini-games and movie fragments, inviting you to choose your own perspective as the story unfolds.
Download the press kit, the Emmy award press release, and the launch press release.


2Pause is an online collection featuring a selection of the most original and innovative music videos from 2006 till now. It offers a unique insight into the current music video scene – traditionally, a fertile breeding ground for unique and visionary directors showcasing a wide array of visual styles and new techniques.
Download the launch press release.

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles! is home to a growing collection of the best film title sequences and interviews with the designers. The project is updated on a biweekly basis and features titles from acclaimed designers, as well as less known ones.
Download the official press release, the press release DVD launch, and the Forget the film, Watch the titles Flux and Hammer museum!

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