Submarine Channel


Submarine Channel explores the narrative possibilities of new and emerging genres such as the interactive documentary, transmedia storytelling, virtual reality and interactive graphic novels.

Last Hijack Interactive Transmedia Documentary

Submarine Channel is part of the multiple award-winning production outfit Submarine, founded by 2000 by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting, both pioneers in the Dutch (new) media world. Read their bios and those of the rest of the team here.


Digital storytelling is no longer the niche activity it was when Submarine Channel launched in 2001. What started as a marginal, small-scale creative trend has expanded to become a mainstream, worldwide presence with a global consumer base spanning age, gender and demographic divisions. Hence, in its 15 year existence, Submarine Channel has become a seminal hothouse where the cultural potential of digital media is constantly pushed, generating vital discussion around the transmedial evolution of story.

In light of the rapid digitization of media in recent years, much rhetoric around developments in new media, crossmedia, transmedia, and storytelling has brought forth over-arching questions around the possibilities and limitations of these new formats.

To these ends, it is the goal of Submarine Channel to create visually-led transmedia projects that explore the possibilities of these new storytelling techniques, researching the parameters of emerging genres such as non-linear film, interactive animation, and narrative video games – and diffusing this new-found knowledge with audiences both within the Netherlands and internationally, using diverse platforms to do so.




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