Submarine Channel


Managing Directors
Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix

Editor / curator
Remco Vlaanderen

Interactive Producer
Corine Meijers

Impact Manager
Yassin Karmoudi

Operational Manager
Willeke Steenbeeke

Contributing Editors (past and present)
Benjamin Pineros, Maria Dicieanu, Geert van de Wetering, Katy Yudin, Simon Byrne, Michael Minneboo, Klazien Schaap, Lotje Sodderland for Submarine Channel. Laure Chapalain, Herve Tissot, Rani Nugruha, and Liselotte Doeswijk for Watch the Titles, Michael Schaap for United Vloggers, Neil Feineman for GeekChic, Chris Keulemans for Art After Crisis, and others.


Current: Aart-Jan van der Linden, Past: Gijs Kattenberg, Jorrit de Vries.

Project Designers (past and present)
Christiaan de Rooij (Watch the Titles, Last Hijack Interactive, Collapsus, and many more), Jurriaan Esmeijer (2Pause, Keep on Steppin’), Catalogtree (Unspeak), Madelinde Hageman (Watch the Titles), Peter van der Hoogen (GeekChic)

Submarine Channel Website (2016)
Christaan de Rooij

Submarine Channel Website & Idents (2011)
Logan (

Supervisory Board
Melle Daamen (voorzitter), Oscar Kneppers, Willemijn de Vries.

Submarine Channel is made possible with the financial support of
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (The Creative Industries Fund NL), and AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).



Femke Wolting is Producer of Holland’s leading transmedia production outfit, Submarine, which she co-founded with Bruno Felix in 2000. Spanning film, animation, fiction, non-fiction and interactive genres, Submarine boasts a roster of award-winning productions created in collaboration with an extensive network of international creatives. Femke produced among others such films as Peter Greenaway’s feature Rembrandt’s J’accuse, documentaries like Another Perfect World, internationally-distributed animation series such as Kika & Bob, and games that push new forms of storytelling, such as Collapsus. Femke Wolting has directed a number of award-winning projects for Dutch broadcaster VPRO, including Sneakers and It’s the End of TV As We Know It. Additionally she was the initiator of Exploding Cinema (1995-2001), the International Rotterdam Film Festival’s annual look at the future of media.


Bruno Felix is Producer of Holland’s leading transmedia production outfit, Submarine, which he co-founded with Femke Wolting in 2000. Spanning film, animation, non-fiction and interactive genres, Submarine boasts a roster of award-winning productions created in collaboration with an extensive network of international creatives. Bruno Felix seeks to push the boundaries of visual culture with projects that exploit new forms of storytelling, such as the ground-breaking animated documentary My Second Life or the games FLX, Gone and StyleClash, developed in collaboration the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Previously, Bruno was responsible for developing a new media strategy for Dutch Public broadcaster VPRO and was Director of VPRO Digital, a media research lab.


Remco started out as a web editor writing for Submarine Channel’s blog and managing its social media channels. He launched the popular title design project Watch the Titles, which spawned multiple spin offs, including exhibitions and screening programs. Remco was a creative producer on the award-winning interactive graphic novel The Art of Pho. Being an avid comics and new media enthusiast, Remco is a regular guest speaker about the evolution of interactive comics. He currently produces a new scrolling graphic novel app, Exodus. He co-founded Screendiver – a new directory for interactive comics. And until recently, he was a publisher of graphic novels at SubQ. Next to his work at Submarine, he is a tutor at the Master of Animation at the AKV|St. Joost Institute of Visual Arts.


An Interactive Producer at Submarine Channel since 2014, Corine produced the award-winning VR short Ashes to Ashes, the interactive documentaries POPPY, Echoes of IS, The Industry, and Bistro In Vitro. She’s currently developing a bunch of new projects, including The Almanac, Amrita, Mona and The Great Orator. Corine studied cinema in the Netherlands and in Sweden. She’s half French and loves the good life, plays the saxophone, organizes Jeux de Boules competitions in her home town of Utrecht, and the occasional bbq. Before Submarine, she worked at film festivals all over the world, including The Netherlands (IFFR), Romania (TIFF) and Qatar (DTFF).


Yassin joined Submarine Channel in the position of Impact Manager. He developed an unconditional love for stories at an early age. He grew up with his grandparents’ stories, cartoons, games, comics and so on. He was and still is addicted to stories, which is what motivated him to become a storyteller himself, so he could inspire others with great stories. Yassin started his career at Submarine Channel as an intern in 2014. He then worked as a storyteller at one of Amsterdam’s finest communication agencies, but now he’s back! Yassin spends his spare time writing and drawing. He’s currently working on both a book and a graphic novel. He visits the cinema on a weekly basis and he is a comic geek.


Willeke has worked on interactive and linear documentaries, animation and games projects for Submarine Channel and Submarine since 2007. She takes care of financing, planning and supervising at Submarine, and oversees a wide variety of projects including Submarine Channel. She has a super-soft spot for music and movies, which is why there’s a big chance you run into her at the Amsterdam cinemas, or music venues Paradiso and Melkweg. Previously, she worked at VPRO television in the realm of cultural programs like Lola da Musica and R.A.M and live coverage of music festivals.


Christiaan has been with Submarine since (almost) the dawn of the time. We have practically seen him grow up. He has been a key player as an interaction, VFX, graphic, motion, and interaction designer on many of Submarine’s proudest productions over the years, including The Tulse Luper Journey (Europrix Toptalent Award in 2006), Viktor & Rolf: “Because we’re worth it” (Skrien Poster Award nomination), the acclaimed virtual worlds documentary Another Perfect World, and the multiple-award-winning online experiences Collapsus, Last Hijack Interactive and Poppy. Meanwhile, he keeps himself busy as lead designer on a plethora of Submarine projects. And the most important job of all, raising three kiddos!





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