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Ig Nobel Prizes

Ig Nobel Prizes are the not-so-well-known alternative of the famous Nobel Prizes. Each year since 1989, ten scientists receive prizes for “research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK”.

The Stories

Watch six scientists uncovering random subjects such as botomless soup bowls and necrophilia amongst ducks. Their studies pertain to the most important subjects of our daily life: having sex, food, money, death, and having sex again.

About Mr. Bahram Sadeghi

Mr. Bahram Sadeghi (1967, Iran) works since 1998 as director and host for public TV stations in the Netherlands. In addition he is a freelance writer for various national newspapers and weeklies. Mr Sadeghi has no hobbies.

Camera & Sound: Bahram Sadeghi
Editor: Dikla Zeidler, Sander Cijsouw

About Minimovies

A Minimovie is an episodic documentary consisting of 8 to 10 episodes. Episodes are 7 to 10 minutes each. Put together, they form a self-contained story. With MiniMovies SubmarineChannel explores a new narrative and visual style of documentary filmmaking. You can watch the Minimovies here or simply download them to your digital device of choice.


This production was supported by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund
a SubmarineChannel production in collaboration with VPRO Television







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