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Town Ruled by Animals

It was once a flourishing tourist destination. But the Bosnian town of Srebrenica has never recovered from the trauma of the Yugoslavian wars. In this short documentary, Prisca van der Mullen portrays the town from the perspective of the many stray cats and dogs that roam its empty streets. Town Ruled by Animals is a unique portrait of a town where all hope seems to have been lost.


The crowdfunding teaser:

Submarine Channel produced Van der Mullen’s short as part of the talent development program ‘De Ontmoeting’ (‘The Meeting’). Town Ruled by Animals premieres at the Netherlands Film Festival 2019, and will tour festivals worldwide in 2019-2020, after which it will be released online.

About De Ontmoeting

De Ontmoeting is a Dutch initiative that connects upcoming directors with the film industry in The Netherlands. In 2018, the fourth open call for short film proposals resulted in over 80 submissions. Four production studios and broadcasters, including Submarine Channel, selected one project. Each creator of said project received 5,000 euros from their respective producers, provided they successfully crowdfund an additional 5k or more through the Dutch Cinecrowd crowdfunding platform. All shorts will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival in the Fall of 2018. Submarine Channel produced the animated short Word! by Amos Mulder as part of a previous edition De Ontmoeting.




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