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Manfred – Pumpkin Bread

Immerse yourself in an animal fable about autumn, the importance of sharing, and pumpkin bread.

Manfred – Pumpkin Bread is a beautiful, handmade 360° puppet short film for kids aged 3-5. It was made by director and animator Gatze Zonneveld.

The story

The friendly neighborhood-monster Manfred is strolling through the forest looking for ingredients to make pumpkin bread. During his wanderings, he meets the other creatures of the forest, but will they help him on his quest?

Manfred Pumpkin Bread 360 VR virtual reality puppet film character designs

Character designs by Gatze Zonneveld

The production

Manfred – Pumpkin Bread was produced as part of De Ontmoeting, an initiative that connects up-and-coming filmmakers with the film industry in the Netherlands.

The film is set in the middle of a beautiful, colorful fairytale forest. It’s the beginning of autumn, the leaves are red and orange and the warm sun shines through the morning haze, giving everything a soft, orange glow.

The film was shot with a 360° camera in a miniature set. Gatze used felt, wool and other natural fabrics to create the characters and the set to create an overall “fluffy” feeling and a handmade charm.

Manfred Pumpkin Bread 360 degree puppet film by Gatze Zonneveld

You can watch the making-of on our YouTube channel.

Concept Art

Manfred Pumpkin Bread 360 VR virtual reality puppet film

Manfred Pumpkin Bread 360 VR virtual reality puppet film by Gatze Zonneveld

About Gatze Zonneveld

Gatze Zonneveld is an animation filmmaker who has his own boutique animation studio RocknRoll Animation in Utrecht. He makes short films and TV-series, commercials, bumpers, leaders and explainamations for a number of clients.



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