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In A Forest

Over the course of 2010, In A Forest was screened in all major theaters across the Netherlands as a pre-movie to blockbuster action flick, The Last Airbender.

Directed by Fons Schiedon (The Killer) and produced by our big sister company, Submarine, In A Forest is part of an initiative by the Dutch Film Fund, Ultrashort! An initiative to bring short films back into cinemas2pauseShare In A Forest: Vimeo | Youtube

Fons Schiedon animation - In A Forest

Usually, we like to give you a little behind-the-scenes feature on our productions, but in this case, the behind-the-scenes is rather uninteresting, because –insert spoiler alert here – it is part of the actual film. Fons told us, “It’s funny, but some strange and mysterious events happened during production…”

“Bram came to Berlin to work on the sound design and we both lived in some sort of twilight zone state caused by sleep deprivation as we worked towards the deadline. We recorded sounds in an actual forest in the dead of night –it was pitch dark– in a sort of method sound-recording style. Rolling in the bushes and all. We met a strange dude who played an out-of-tune trombone and looked like Jimi Hendrix. He wore a T-shirt with Hercules on it.”

Picture that!

“This guy provided us with some of the sounds for the beast in the film, but didn’t want anything for it.

Then, on our way to Amsterdam to do the sound mix, the oil reservoir in Bram’s Volvo exploded. The car was a total loss, and after it was towed by the German breakdown service, we continued in a rental.

The whole experience was in such stark contrast to the otherwise super smooth production process of the animation. For me, it was like a breath of fresh air to end in total chaos. I think it gave the film just that bit of edge that it needed.”

Fons Schiedon animation - In A Forest



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