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Being A Fish In Japan

Did you know that in Japan the size of your Koi carp is directly indicative of the size of your willy? This and many more compelling pescarian factoids are revealed in Being A Fish in Japan.

The Story

Being A Fish in Japan is a jaunty trip through the fish markets, tattoo parlors, and ancient shrines of Japan via the peculiarities of life, love, and gory death… as a petit poisson. A strong graphic style carries the series, weaving together gritty documentary footage with eye-popping, Kaiga-influenced animation. Created by multi-talented feature film director Mischa Kamp and animation director Mascha Halberstad.

About Mischa Kamp and Mascha Halberstad

Mischa Kamp (1970) graduated from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA) in Amsterdam. Her graduation short Mijn moeder heeft ook een pistool (My Mother Has A Gun Too), enjoyed widespread international attention, including selection for the Student Oscars and winning several awards. After graduating, Kamp worked as a director for the Dutch TV show Waskracht! making short films as well as two documentaries Being a Dog in New York and Rafael, Pedro & Adel, shot in Cuba. In 2005, Mischa directed the multiple award-winning family movies Winky’s Horse and its 2007 follow-up Where Is Winky’s Horse. For the popular Dutch children’s program Villa Achterwerk she made Naked – an animated documentary series about the trials of being a teenager, produced by Submarine. Naked won awards at Annecy, Anifest, SICAF and Cinekid in 2007.

Mascha Halberstad (1973) is a freelance animator, designer and director. She graduated from the Art Academy (HKA) in Arnhem, The Netherlands. From 1996 – 2000 she made several short funny movies for the Dutch TV show Waskracht! She created numerous leaders and bumpers for hit TV programs for the Dutch public broadcasters VPRO, VARA, NPS and NCRV. Mascha also created the popular animated TV series The Big Hummimummi Karaoke Show and 45 RPM . Alongside Mischa Kamp she made the documentary Being a dog in New York. For Submarine she is currently developing Picnic With Pie – an animation series and interactive game for pre-schoolers.

About Minimovies

A Minimovie is an episodic documentary consisting of 8 to 10 episodes. Episodes are 7 to 10 minutes each. Put together, they form a self-contained story. With MiniMovies Submarine Channel explores a new narrative and visual style of documentary filmmaking. You can watch the MiniMovies here or simply download them to your digital device of choice.


This production was supported by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund
a Submarine Channel production in collaboration with VPRO Television


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