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Comic Book Channels on YouTube


Reading comics is great. Watching other people talk about them might be even greater. Besides running my own YouTube channel (in Dutch), I spend a lot of time checking out videos on comics and the comic book world, eager to discover new artists, writers and series. These are my five YouTube channels that deal with […]

Best Spider-Man Comics


The 2017 summer blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming was a real treat. But this cinematic incarnation of Peter Parker is a far cry from the brave but eternally melancholic science nerd-cum-superhero we remember from the comics. In fact, the movie made us want to return to the source. But catching up with over half a century of […]

Autobiographical Comic Book Artists


Most artists –be they writers, painters, film makers or comic book artists– take inspiration from their own experiences. This top 5 deals with comic book artists that have built an entire oeuvre around autobiographical comics – artists whose names are synonymous with the genre. They are a character in their own comics, sharing their every day […]

Life Vloggers


Lately I’ve been spending way more time on YouTube than I care to admit. But with so many talented filmmakers and vloggers on the video platform; I’d rather spend my time than there than watching cable TV. Let me introduce you to my five favorite life vloggers. by Michael Minneboo   My favorite YouTubers have […]

Best Geeky Vloggers on YouTube


Waaaaay back when, we celebrated High Geekdom with a PDF mag and a book called Geek Chic. Of course now if you are into comics, movies, collecting action figures, or all of the above, you can satisfy your passion with a regular diet of YouTube videos made by geeks just like you. It’s a wonderful time to […]

Top 5: Marvel’s Diverse Superheroes


It may seem that Marvel’s focus on diversity and representation is a recent development, but that’s not entirely true. From its early days, the Marvel Universe has had a diverse cast of characters. Black Panther, Luke Cage, Falcon, Sunspot, Danielle Moonstar, Karma, Storm, Blade, Puma, Daredevil and Rocket Racoon (shouldn’t genetically engineered animals be represented […]

Halloween Comics


My favorite holiday by far is Halloween. It’s my happy time of the year. I love watching people dress up as vampires, ghouls, witches, and other creatures from the spirit world. For me it is the perfect time to watch horror movies on TV until deep into the night. Or curl up next to the […]

Weirdest appearances of Santa Claus in comics


It’s Christmas time and Christmas and Santa go together like peanut butter and jam. Santa Claus is one of the most beloved icons of childhood folklore but some comic book writers and artist have a radical different take on him. So if you want something less cliché to read this Christmas, check out my favorite, […]

Superhero Movies


We are living in the Marvel Age of Cinema. Every year we’re treated to a couple of superhero films and most of them aren’t half bad. We asked movie & comic geek and author Michael Minneboo to perform the Herculean task of choosing his five favorite superhero movies. To make this an as objective as possible exercise, […]

5 Great Video Essayists


YouTube is filled with fascinating, mind blowing video-essays on films and popular culture. But it can be challenging to find these gems in the sea of mediocre content. For great creatives to get noticed, they need to upload regularly, preferably a couple of times a week. Video-makers who do not meet the demands of the […]

Cosplayers on Instagram


Checking out the back issues bin while next to you Darth Vader is yelling excitingly because he just found the missing comic to complete his X-Men-collection. Or, having a hamburger in the food court with not one, but six Jokers eating at a nearby table, some of them accompanied by their own Harley Quinn. If […]

Top 5: Best Amazing Spider-Man Covers


With the new movie Spider-Man: Far From Home out now, we wanted to look back at the source material and all those wonderful Spider-Man-covers that were produced in the past. Michael Minneboo, journalist, vlogger and author of the book ‘Mijn vriend Spider-Man: Superhelden, geeks en fancultuur’ (My Buddy Spider-Man) dove into his huge comic collection […]


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