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Ascent from Akeron

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Nederlands Film Festival – 2019

Ascent from Akeron was pre-selected for a Gouden Kalf and showcased at the Interactive Expo, during Nederlands Film Festival.

Stripdagen Haarlem – 2017

In line with our exhibition ”Motion Comics – The Beginnings” Ascent from Akeron was presented.

Fumetto International Comics Festival – 2016

Ascent from Akeron was exhibited at the Fumetto International Comics Festival in Lucerne, in light of the project¬† ”Motion Comics – The Beginnings.”

Control Conference: World Building for Movies and Games – 2015

Ascent from Akeron was presented at the Control Conference: World Building for Movies and Games.

Playgrounds Festival – 2015

Ascent from Akeron was shown at the Playgrounds Festival in Amsterdam.








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Daniel Burwen


William Maher author of Ascent from Akeron

Joost Swarte

The Making Of “The Art of Pho”

Rutu Modan


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