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The Art of Pho

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Written and drawn by
Julian Hanshaw

Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix

Animation Director
Lois van Baarle

Lois van Baarle, Danne Bakker, Laura van Noortwijk

Additional Animation
Nele van Haegenberg, Ferda Surensoy, Alice Sterre

Interaction Design
Karel Brascamp, Patrick Gutlich

Graphics en Web Design
Christiaan de Rooij

Image Editors
Yvonne Brouwers, Tom van der Heiden, Tim Jongmans

Creative producer
Remco Vlaanderen

Line Producer
Willeke Steenbeeke

Music and Audio Post Production
Pastelle Music: Niels Hahn, Matteo Taheri

Sebastian Prose (Little Blue), Dave Calderhead (Old Man/Joe), Claire Schuyffel (Sandy/Kim), Eva Hetharia (Beach Lady), Micah Westera (Angry Man/Phil/Jose)

Publicity Yaniv Wolf, Daphne Plomp

Making Of
Directors: Remco Vlaanderen & Geert van de Wetering
Camera: Robijn Voshol
Editor: Niels de Roos

Special thanks to
Randhom House Julian Hanshaw

International Native Casting English Casting

Publisher Art of Pho book The Random House Group Ltd,

Publisher Art of Pho Interactive (c) Submarine Channel Foundation 2011

Submarine Channel is made possible with the support of OC&W – Ministry of Culture, Education and Science and The City of Amsterdam (Dienst Maatschappelijk Ontwikkeling).



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