Submarine Channel

FLX. was created by multi-media wizard Han Hoogerbrugge, creator of the online interactive animation series HOTEL and Modern Living, in collaboration with game designer Sander van der Vegte, creator of the retro shooter Rocket Riot.

FLX. is truly an one-of-a-kind multiplayer racing game for four players. In FLX., each player controls a character that is physically connected to three other characters by means of an elastic band. Players navigate a white space where they are hindered by the oddest of obstacles. In order to move forward, players are forced to collaborate with the others without any means of oral or written communication. FLX. is a fun to play and fun to watch.

A Split Second

FLX. is one of three short video games developed as part of the game research project A Split Second – a collaboration between Submarine Channel and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. FLX. was made possible with the support of the Dutch Game Fund and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, SNS REAAL, VSB Fund and Submarine Channel.


Rex Crowle

Jeff Hull