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Scott McCloud is a well versed cartoonist and one of the most prolific comic theorist

His practice-and-theory way of doing things means he can get pretty meta when talking about comics. Like, when he discusses the significance of framing, or the space between the frames, also known as “the gutter.”

McCloud’s publications show this double-barreled approach. His comic theory book ‘Understanding Comics – The Invisible Art’ (1993) is a seminal work that we can’t recommend enough. It’s an incredibly inspiring read that helps you understand why comics is a unique visual language as well as a true art form in its own right.

In the interview, McCloud also discusses his most recent graphic novel, ‘The Sculptor‘, which came out in 2015. It tells the story about a sculptor whom Death gives 200 days to live in exchange for the power to sculpt anything he can imagine. Like his non fiction work, The Sculptor is a story that works on many levels.

Scott McCloud Understanding Comics

Understanding Comics is available on Amazon.
You can find Scott at

This interview was recorded in the former location of the oldest comic book store in Amsterdam, Lambiek.

Interview: MIchael Minneboo; Director: Geert van de Wetering; Commissioning editor: Remco Vlaanderen.


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