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The Netherlands is the number one drugs country in Europe. Weed is in our genes, coke enters the country through the harbors and XTC is as Dutch as chocolate sprinkles. How is it possible that in a regulated country like the Netherlands drugs can be produced and traded on such a large scale? The interactive documentary The Industry offers an insight into the billion-euro Dutch drug industry.

The Industry, which is co-produced by Submarine Channel with Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, is a transmedia documentary project consisting of an interactive documentary, a podcast and a virtual reality experience.

Experience the interactive documentary 

Download the VR version (Oculus, HTC Vive

Listen to the podcast (in Dutch)

In the VR experience, director Mirka Duijn will introduce you to Faiz, a drug dealer with a burnout; Philip, a dock worker who fetches tons of coke from containers in the harbor; Erik, a big-time coke dealer who regrets that he never went on a holiday;  Thessa, a 13-year old girl who used to cut the tops of weed plants on a small boat near a lake in Rotterdam; and finally Jerry, a middleman who connects dealers to the smugglers, weed-growers to farmers, and straw men to XTC producers.


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