Submarine Channel

Politie Academia – 2019

Oktober: The Industry was shown at the Politie Academia

Dutch Design Week – 2019

19 – 27 October: The Industry was shown at the Dutch Design Week.

Dutch Media Week: Mediafestival – 2019

4 – 13 October: The Industry was shown at the Dutch Media Week.

NFF: Interactive Narrative Design Think Tank – 2019

29 September: The Industry was shown at the Nederlands Film Festival at the Interactive Narrative Design Think Tank.

Indigo Design Awards – 2019

The Industry won two awards at the Indigo Design Awards in 2019! It received Gold in Interactive Design and won the Social Change of the Year award!

The Peabody Awards – 2019

The Industry won ”the Peabody Futures of Media Award” for the category ”Interactive Documentary” at the Peabody Awards, May 2019.

Prix Bohemia Radio Festival – 2019

1 – 4 April: The Industry got two awards at Prix Bohemia Radio festival. It got first place in the Multimedia Category and next to that it got awarded the University award, given by the students!

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – 2019

1 – 10 March: The Industry was shown at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

Prix Italia-2018: Special Mention!

Even though The Industry did not get awarded at Prix Italia, it did receive a special mention for an interesting and outstanding project!

The New Newsroom – 2018

October 12- November 11 2018: The industry is to be part of the exhibiton The New Newsroom, at the MU in Eindhoven. Moreover, the exhibiton will also be up during the famous Dutch Design Week, so be sure to take a look!

Prix Europa – 2018

13-19 October 2018: The Industry has been nominated in the category ‘online projects’ at the Prix Europa! Submarine Channel will go to Berlin to present The Industry, and one of our other interactive documentaries: Poppy.

Prix Italia – 2018

The Industry competed at the Prix Italia

Netherlands Film Festival – 2018

The Industry competed at the Netherlands Film Festival.

Sofia International Film Festival – 2018

Presentation of The Industry and discussion with Director Mirka Duijn on interactive storytelling.

International Film Festival Rotterdam – 2018

28 and 29 January: The Industry VR was on display at the International Film Festival Rotterdam at the Hilton.


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