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A game by Han Hoogerbrugge en Sander van der Vegte

Graphic and character design
Han Hoogerbrugge

Game design
Sander van der Vegte
Adriaan de Jongh
Han Hoogerbrugge

Game programming
Jorrit de Vries
Adriaan de Jongh

Modelling and animation
Beorn Leonard
Sander van der Vegte

Han Hoogerbrugge

Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting

Stedelijk Museum
Marten Jongema
Bart Rutten
Anniek Vrij
Lucas Bonekamp

Creative producer
Remco Vlaanderen

Line Producers
Heleen Groenendijk, Sara Kolster, Willeke Steenbeeke

PR and Marketing
Yaniv Wolf

Making Of
Remco Vlaanderen, Geert van de Wetering

Thank you
Jurriaan Esmeijer, Daphne Plomp, Olivia van Leeuwen, Hendrik Folkerts, Anna Jordans, Marlous van Gastel, Sophie Tates, Gert van de Werken, Lennart Ootes.

In memory of Stedelijk Museum curator and A Split Second co-initiator Marten Jongema. Whithout his unrelentless enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking this project would never have happened.

A Submarine Channel production in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum
This production was supported by the Gamefund, SNS-Reaal, Ding! Award and
VSB fund.

The video game projects produced by Submarine Channel and Stedelijk Museum were made with the support of the Dutch Game Fund and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, SNS REAAL, VSB Fund and Submarine Channel.





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Interview with Han Hoogerbrugge

The Graphic Universe of Han Hoogerbrugge – Book + DVD


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