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The Tulse Luper Journey

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In the game, you are an investigator who is trying to reconstruct the life of Tulse Luper – the main character in Peter Greenaway’s transmedia project The Tulse Luper Suitcases. Tulse Luper was a writer and collector (presumed dead in 1978), who spent most of his life under lock and key. His life was shrouded in mystery and doubt, but it seems that he was present at some of the key historical events of the 20th Century.


Produced in 2005, the game is still online and most of the 92 Flash mini-games are still playable:

During the game, players are challenged to solve ninety-two mini games corresponding to ninety-two suitcases left behind by Luper. The reward for each game that is won is a one-minute film fragment, which can then be traded with other players. The goal is to collect all ninety-two fragments and share your findings in a global online community. Update: The 92 mini games can still be played and explored, but trading only works when other players are present that are willing to trade.

The Tulse Luper Journey won an Animago Award for Professional/Interactive/Games and The Europrix Top Talent Award in 2006.

Director: Peter Greenaway
Designer: Christiaan de Rooij
Year: 2005


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