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After Tenet: The next Nolan film

/Davide/ What comes after Tenet? What’s the next cinematic trick that Nolan will pull out of his hat?

Too early to say, but we can always let our imagination run wild. I for one dream of Nolan auteuring a theme park (yes) inspired by the work of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher.

Nolan has often cited Escher as a major influence on his work. For example, the impossible staircase in Inception was originally drawn by the Dutch artist.

My wish is to see Nolan dedicate an entire theme park to the exploration of this kind of mathematical and illusionistic concepts.

And what about Nolan making an actual virtual reality film? It’s an intriguing but implausible idea. Immersive storytellers are like architects. They build spaces that audiences can explore at their own pace, looking wherever they want.

At the opposite, Nolan is known as a director who keeps his point of view in every aspect of the film (he even considers second units “a very expensive luxury“). So a VR movie is not in the cards (alas, the same goes for my theme park idea…)

Is a Nolan interactive movie a more likely hypothesis? Considering the detective work required to unpack their plots, I’d argue that films like Tenet and Memento are already quite interactive…

Move on!

One second…what did you say about virtual reality?

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