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Tenet – The interactive review

Submarine Channel’s impact producer Yassin Karmoudi and editor Davide Banis invite you for a walk into the world of Tenet with a special interactive review that connects Nolan’s latest movie with the rest of his filmography.


Tenet [Credit: Warner Bros]

In true Submarine Channel’s spirit, the focus is on the immersive and non-linear aspects of his storytelling style, from the manipulation of time to Nolan’s declared attempt to make movies that are like “virtual reality without the goggles.”

It’s up to you to decide how to navigate the review. You can proceed forward or experience the thrill of reversing entropy and start walking back in time.

Just a heads up. Davide thinks Tenet is the pinnacle of Nolan’s filmmaking. At the opposite, Yassin reckons it’s kind of the lowest point of his lowest valley. Also, minor spoilers ahead.

Enjoy the walk!

I want to move forward

I want to invert time! Let’s take a step back (or is this a step forward?)

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