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The Johnny Cash Project

Along the lines of the crowd-sourced splendor that is the video for More Is Less by C-Mon & Kypski (pride of the Netherlands) or the pioneering 2008 Supernatural Superserious REM vid by Vincent Moon, allow us to introduce The Johnny Cash Project – a collaboration between über-hotshot director Chris Milk and the don of data crowd-sourcing himself, Aaron Koblin. The website invites you, yes YOU to contribute your one-of-a-kind rendering to this ever-evolving Johnny Cash video for the man in black’s final studio recording, Ain’t No Grave. We’re a bit late on this because Cambodia’s lousy internet wouldn’t let us play with it – but we’re back in the world of fibre-optic cables now, so here it is!


Town Ruled by Animals


Radical Friend

Sverre Fredriksen