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A unique profile shot amidst the overwhelming perfumes of smoldering wood of a persevering animator on his very last legs.

Born and bred in the Norwegian countryside, animator Sverre Fredriksen relocated to the opposite side of the globe to study animation in Australia. He then moved to Amsterdam to go pro. We have loved Sverre’s work since Day One, and he’s collaborated on several Submarine productions since. His work is always surprising, unique and original. Meet Sverre Fredriksen, an Norwegian animator pur sang, who really likes to challenge himself. And I mean, really!

We received funding from the Dutch Tax Music Video Fund to do a music video for the Dutch upcoming singer songwriter Tim Knol, and asked Sverre to direct. Sverre wanted to explore the quirky/campy pyrography (wood burning) technique to create an animation. Oh yes.

Three months of hard work and no sleep, a live action shoot with a RED camera (footage not used in final edit), and angry studio neighbors later, Sverre dropped the video and it’s been worth every single drop of sweat.
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