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The Layzell Brothers were in town for the Playgrounds Festival. Perfect timing, because we were looking for test subjects for our new interview format called Key Frames. The Layzells are two fame hungry artists, so we knew they’d take the bait and be the lab rats in our little experiment. And what do you know. The experiment worked out perfectly.

The Layzells are directors, animators, illustrators, music makers and I quote “in general people that enjoy visualizing the thoughts that reside inside the mind”. These guys are quite possibly the quirkiest artists we ever interviewed. They seem a lot like their own creations, actually.

So here’s the hilarious first episode of Key Frames, featuring Paul and Matt Layzell, commenting on their pivotal works. Stay tuned for more episodes of Key Frames or subscribe to our monthly (sort of) newsletter to stay informed.

The Layzell Brothers interview

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Layzell Brothers

Director and Interviewer: Geert van de Wetering
Camera: Niels de Roos
Sound: Steven van Dijk
Compositing: Christiaan de Rooij
Produced by Submarine Channel


Karin Fong

Mike Hill



Valley Of The Cnuties


Mike Hill

John Nevarez