Submarine Channel

Interview with director Carlos Pardo of the Barcelona-based motion design collective Dvein. The interview was recorded after Dvein’s presentation at the “Playgrounds Vs Submarine Channel” event in Amsterdam, during which they premiered the Eva title sequence. 

For several years now, Dvein have been carving a reputation for themselves as one of Spain’s most exciting motion design studios. They share more than a few similarities with their collegues from Physalia. Both Dvein and Physalia are from Barcelona, and both refer to  themselves as “a collective,” rather than a company, putting the emphasis on creativity and individuality. 

From 2006 – 2009, Dvein created a series of high impact event title sequences for the design and digital culture festivals TOCA ME, OFFF, and F5. Creatively, they was given a free hand with these projects, which allowed them to explore an imaginary universe of their own creation – a universe in which the comfortable boundary between the synthetic and the organic is completely dissolved. What you’re left with is that intriguing feeling of “the uncanny.”


Interview: Jorrit Spoelstra, Camera: Robijn Voshol, Editing: Geert van de Wetering, Voice over: Micah Westera, Line producer: Coen van Oostrom





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