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Motivated by the fact that 90% of all cars use two-and-a-half tons of steel to transport just 1 person at a time, aeronautical engineers Chris van den Brink and Harry Kronen took the challenge of developing a new vehicle which would counter the growing problem of congestion, while being ecologically viable at the same time.

In trying to create a narrow, bullet-like model, they were faced with the challenge of creating an automatic stabilizing system that would allow for the vehicle to corner like a motorcycle, without losing its balance. And thus was born the pioneering Dynamic Vehicle Control system.

With an exceptional field of view from within its rounded frame, and its unique, tandem 2-seater design, the Carver resembles the sumptuous lines of an F16 fighter plane, complete with the sound of hydraulic pumps ensuring the cockpit never exceeds it’s 45 degree angle.

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Director: Noud Holtman, Camera: Stef Tijdink, Sound: Benny Jansen, Editing: Casper Sikken, Commissioning editor Submarine: Geert van de Wetering, Production Submarine: Olivia van Leeuwen, Production assistance: Marah Haan, Voice Over: Lotje Sodderland, Music/sound design: Big Orange, Produced by Submarine, Commissioned by DutchDFA.

Dutch Profiles is a series of short documentaries produced by Submarine commissioned by DutchDFA about architects, graphic, product and fashion designers in the Netherlands.

Dutch Profiles focuses on the conceptual, context-oriented and research-based practice of Dutch designers and includes interviews with, among others: MVRDV, 2012 Architects, Jurgen Bey, Claudy Jongstra, Gerard Unger, Paul Mijksenaar, Marlies Dekkers, Alexander van Slobbe and G-Star.


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