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Don’t worry, everything is fine. Ben had some brain surgery and Julia needed new ears, but that didn’t stop this creative duo to sit down with us at the Playgrounds Festival in the Netherlands. Ben & Julia create amazing visual universes for music video’s, art projects and commercial assignments. Their work is colourful, funny and always extremely uplifting.

No wonder they’ve been commissioned to work for a wide spectrum of platforms, from ad-spots to Art Basel, for bands like Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family to festivals like Pictoplasma in Berlin. For the latter they’ve created a large-scale installation for which they gave a second life to the characters from their earlier productions. Whatever they do, in the end it’s always about making interesting stories with strong characters.

Interview: Jorrit Spoelstra, Camera: Robijn Voshol, Editing: Geert van de Wetering

Our Ben & Julia profile was featured in: – Brain Surgery with Ben&Julia


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