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Submarine Channel is adapting Jasper Rietman’s book Exodus into a scrolling illustrated panorama. The tablet version will be released in the first quarter of 2020.

interactive comic scrolling illustration Exodus Jasper Rietman

Exodus re-imagines the archetypical exodus of people fleeing war and persecution. Current themes subtly transform into an illusory vision of the future. Music, sound effects, the parallax effect are combined with subtle animation to create a unique, horizontal-scrolling experience.

Exodus is created from forty-five seamlessly connecting illustrations that form a large panorama drawing of almost 12 meters (40 feet)!

interactive comic scrolling illustration Exodus refugees Jasper Rietman 2

The Book

Exodus was first released in 2017 as a book with our publishing imprint SubQ. The book is still available at and Please note that the cover blurb is in Dutch. The story is free of text.

Jasper Rietman

jasper rietman

Illustrator and comic maker Jasper Rietman makes editorial illustrations for newspapers such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post and De Volkskrant. He also works as a comic maker on his own projects. Exodus is his first book. His first interactive illustration was a scrolling web-based book trailer for Charles den Tex’s thriller. The Heir, produced by Submarine Channel. Rietman’s illustration style can be best described as “klare lijn” – a typical European style of drawing also known as “Ligne Claire“)

André Bergs

Bergs is a creator of digital comics and a director for animation. He is most known for creating a series of groundbreaking interactive comic apps under his moniker Plastiek, including RRR and Protanopia.

Creative team

Illustrator & director
Jasper Rietman

Creative developer
Andre Bergs

Animation and image processing
Frederieke Mooij

Music & Sound design
Olger Star

Creative Producer
Remco Vlaanderen

Nola der Weduwe




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