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Minimovie: IG Nobel Prizes ep. 4 “Having sex in MRI-Scanner”

Ig Nobel Prizes – First Laugh, Then Think!
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Pek van Andel, Willibrord Weijmar Schultz, Eduard Mooyaart and Ida Sabelis conducted the revolutionary experiment in which heterosexual couples made love in a MRI-scan. The IG Nobel Medicine prize in 2000 went to the Netherlands.

Ig Nobel Prizes are the not-so-well-known alternative of the famous Nobel Prizes. Each year since 1989, ten scientists receive prizes for “research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK”. Watch six scientists and their studies about the most important subjects of our daily life: having sex, food, money, death, and having sex again.



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Tjeerd Veenhoven

Lucas Maassen


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