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De Ontmoeting 2020: Pitch your idea for a short film!

Are you a budding filmmaker? Do you have an idea for a short fiction film, documentary, animation or other audiovisual production no longer than 6 minutes? De Ontmoeting 2020 is the perfect opportunity to go from ‘idea’ to ‘done’.

De Ontmoeting is an initiative that connects up-and-coming filmmakers with the film industry in the Netherlands. Selected projects receive a contribution of € 5000, on the condition that they successfully crowdfund an additional € 5000. The deadline to submit your project is the 15th of November!

Manfred, a handmade VR puppet film that was funded as part of De Ontmoeting 2017

How does it work?

  • De Ontmoeting offers budding filmmakers the opportunity to create and screen their work by connecting them with a production partner (including Submarine Channel)
  • The filmmakers get € 5000 to produce their work as long as they match the contribution with an additional € 5000 raised by crowdfunding
  • Upon completion, the films are released in movie theaters throughout the Netherlands
  •  All kinds of projects can apply, from fiction to animation, from documentary to VR—as long as they’re audiovisual projects no longer than 6 minutes

Check out De Ontmoeting’s website (in Dutch) for all the details.

Past projects

Past projects that have been funded thanks to De Ontmoeting and that have been co-produced by Submarine Channel include:

  • Word! by Amos Mulder, a short animated film that explores the power of language in a post-factual world
  • Manfred by Gatze Zonneveld, a short handmade VR puppet film
  • Town Ruled by Animals by Prisca van der Mullen, a short documentary film that portrays the town of Srebrenica from the perspective of the many stray cats and dogs that roam its empty streets

🎬 Apply to De Ontmoeting 2020! (Before the 15th of November)

Credit header image: Town Ruled by Animals by Prisca van der Mullen 


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