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Best VR From World VR Forum 2017


We were at the World VR Forum in Switzerland last week to showcase Ashes to Ashes. The WVRF is a sizeable event takes place in Crans-Montana, which is also a ski resort in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Incredible mountain vistas around every corner… But we also discovered some really good new VR pieces. We […]

Location-based Interactive docs


The interactive documentary is gaining momentum, and though its value is widespread, the storytelling devices offered by an idoc really lend themselves to one genre in particular: the location-based interactive documentary. This platform was made for this genre. Or perhaps it’s the other way around – what better way is there to explore the nuances […]

Animation Graduation Films


From the harvest of Dutch animation graduation films of 2015, animation curator Erik van Drunen picks his five favorites. It could easily have been ten. 2015 Was a great year. Graduation season just ended. Art academies worldwide opened their doors and proudly showed the world the talents they raised. In The Netherlands, the possibilities to […]

Annecy Animated Film Fest 2015


The annual pilgrimage to The French Alps of almost the entire animation industry –makers, students, curators and animation lovers– is over. From June 15th to June 20th, the International Animation Film Festival of Annecy took place. Annecy connects the MIFA (the market for studios, sellers and buyers) with pitches, making of’s, and work-in-progress presentations of […]

Animated Music Videos 2014


Even though it’s a bit early in the year for it, we bring you the not-definitive Top 5 of the Best Animated Music Videos of 2014. When the Klik! Animation Festival calls on you to pick the best music video of 2014 from their two-hour screening program, you say, “Yes!” Klik!’s longlist contained 37 kick ass […]

Web Documentaries 2012


Who, what, where, why and when: In the examination of current topical trends, issues and circumstances, deconstruction of events gone by or just pure observation of our fellow inhabitants of the world, the digital space is lending itself as a fully malleable platform to present non-fiction storytelling. News correspondents and film makers are upping the […]



Behold, the Tumblrization Phenomenon is upon us! And the world can now be divided into roughly two groups: (1) the Tumblrs and (2) those who neither know nor care who or what Tumblr is. For the latter (just in case you do care secretly), Tumblr is a Twitter/blog hybrid format which enables easy sharing of […]

Pop Culture Blogs


We heard the chaps over at the Weblog Awards had counted their 933,022 votes in 48 categories (Best Military Blog and Best Pet Blog included) so we rushed post-haste to check the results for Best Culture Blog. And the winner is…. The Cool Hunter! Although we’re very much in agreement with the win, we’re frankly […]

Fashion Films


As magazines continue to drop like flies and their digital rivals snap up the floating masses, brands are looking for new ways to reach the glazed eyes of their computer-bound audiences. And that’s fine by us, as we’re seeing an explosion of new creative partnerships between leading lights in the fashion and film worlds. Celebrated […]

Curated Video Portals


With a quarter of a million videos being uploaded each and every day to Youtube alone, the realm of online video has become a dense jungle of low-end strippers, drowsy kittens, and instructional videos on everything from kissing with passion (3.5 million views) to recreating the Mona Lisa in MS Paint (9 million views). Thankfully, […]


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