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5 Film Festivals That Went Online


Online festivals have been appearing since the late ‘90s, yet, the format so far has been more of a rarity than a predominating trend. But in a world forced to self-isolate, what is currently the exception might well become the new norm. Festivals constitute an important part of the life of a filmmaker’s career because […]

5 Shorts Made with Mobile Phone Screencaps


Have you ever had the impulse to answer with a “LOL” in a real-life conversation? If the answer is yes, these short films that were made entirely with screen captures from mobile phones might be #yourthing. This is the first article in a new series on “desktop filmmaking.” By Benjamin Piñeros   The words “googling”, […]

“No cameras were harmed during production”: 5 films done without a camera


Cinema was invented over a hundred years ago and certainly, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. But of all the techniques and trends we’ve seen come and go, the most peculiar one is the very antithesis of the art itself: films made without a camera. By Benjamin Pineros   Ever since the […]

Top 5: Mindbending Dystopias in Animation


Elections won with the aid of bots, a booming market of million-dollar supercars while more than 2 billion people live in poverty, and state leaders taunting nuclear war on social media are all things that would’ve seemed as very imaginative material for a sci-fi movie just two decades ago. But these events are part of […]

Best Dystopian Movies based on Literature


Visions of a bright future where technology has liberated humankind from the hardships of labor and everybody’s free to pursue their dreams and goals. Bright images of fuzzy, multi-colored fluffy things. Scenarios where world leaders act responsibly, always prioritizing the common good. Postcards of beautiful people laughing without a care in the world, with a […]

Best Dystopian Tales Ever Told in Comics


The United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change issued a report that basically says the end of the world could happen in 22 years. The Doomsday Clock, that symbol devised to represent the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe, is set at two minutes to midnight, the closest it has been since 1953. Nope, we’re […]