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Jan van Toorn


Jan van Toorn, born in 1932, is one of Holland’s most influential graphic designers. Opposite to the more self-contained designs of the modernist tradition, Van Toorn is always striving for designs that are open to different ways of seeing… Van Toorn’s view on the role of design manifested itself clearly during passionate debates with Wim Crouwel, […]

Bart Hess


At his young age Bart Hess has already become an internationally renowned multi-disciplinary creative talent who explores several artistic disciplines, combining material studies, animation and photography. His personal signature and international stature have led him to work with great artists such as Lucy McRae, Nick Knight and Lady Gaga. With his designs he is able […]

Wim Crouwel


The esteemed Dutch graphic designer and typographer Wim Crouwel shows us his most outstanding work in a new episode of Dutch Profiles. As a harbinger of the digital-design culture Crouwel invented systematic design. At the age of 83, he can look back on an extremely productive career as a highly influential designer. As one of the founders of Total Design, Holland’s […]


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