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2Pause: Unleash the Facehawk

Facebook much? Well, here’s an interactive music video that will make you re-think your relationship with the world wide web.

Facehawk, directed by Rajeev Basu for Big Data, reflects on voyeurism in the digital age. Replicating the Facebook environment (but without actually posting on Facebook) the interactive promo serves as a reminder that it’s not just us doing the watching. We are, in turn, watched, monitored, and recorded.

Rajeev was kind enough to answer a couple of questions about Facehawk.

Q: What is the technology behind your music video?
RB: Facehawk makes use of several progressive technologies. We used the Canvas API, three.js, Facebook’s OpenGraph, the SoundCloud API, and SVG. We believe we’re also one of the first to render HTML code like facebook statuses into 2d graphics on the fly, so they can be animated in your browser.
The biggest challenge was finding a way to animate hundreds of photos and statuses in your browser, on the fly. We had to go through dozens of prototypes, but we found a way.
Read the rest of the interview directly on 2Pause!


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