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2Pause: Seabird – New visuals for an old song

If only the blessings of modern motion graphic wizardy were around in the golden oldies era to help create the visual representation that some songs deserve. Video archives seem to be busting at the seams with soulful tunes that only ever had dismal recordings of live performances to serve as their music video equivalent.

Luckily, somebody took their disappointment and channeled it to create. Inspired by LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip’s joint rendition of this 70s track  by the Alessi Brothers, director Keith Musil decided that a buried musical gem should be brought back into the light. He contacted the Alessi brothers after coming up with a new incarnation of their four-decade old song; Seabird. Musil’s interpretation for Seabird deals with a beautiful woman’s agonizing wait in the face of a brutal storm, with a maddening TV as her sole companion. In contrast to the song’s soft and seemingly sweet melodies, the distressed damsel’s self-imposed isolation and the impending storm bring a rather dark conclusion.

In the case of Seabird and the Alessi brothers, we’re happy in knowing that in this instance video didn’t actually kill the radio star(s) but helped them with a revival of sorts, and we’re itchy with anticipation to see whether Musil’s bold move will be followed by other creatives and musicians. We know of tons of amazing old songs that we would like to see connected with some more appropriate and stimulating visuals.


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