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Welcome to Part Two of our book trailers roundup, where we present the Top 5 wildly funny book trailers we’ve come across to date (here’s Part One in case you missed it). The competition was stiff, but these trailers — oscillating between self-parodies to purely odd ball humor, and many of which are completely unrelated to the book in question  — made our cut.

1. Super Sad True Love Story

Though this trailer does nothing to visualize the dark dystopian future Gary Shteyngart depicts in his latest bestseller, it’s definitely a standout for its handling of self-parody (which the Moby Awards for Book Trailers recognized in 2011). Created and produced by the book’s publisher, Random House, Shteyngart’s literary friends – including authors Jeffrey Eugenides, Ian McInerney, James Franco, and others – take center stage in this trailer and offer up a blurb on behalf of Shteyngart’s new novel. Though all of them misread the book’s title and mock themselves or Shteyngart in some absurd way, don’t let the trailer dissuade you from picking up this laugh-out-loud book.

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2. Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void

For Mary Roach’s amusing new book comes an equally funny retro trailer depicting the surreal universe of preparing for space travel and life without gravity. Directed by Jamieson Fry and produced by Rival Pictures, this live-action piece was a winner of the Best Big House Book Trailer Moby Award in 2011. Three key words to keep in mind here: Minimal Personal Hygiene. For four weeks. Imagine that. We’d go on but we refuse to give away any more about this one. Just sit back and preview life in space without ever leaving Earth!

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3. Worst-Case Scenario Pocket Guide: Breakups

Get over it! Okay…but if you’ve still got the blues, then perhaps David Borgenicht and Victoria De Silverio’s pocket guide may do the trick. In Chronicle Books’ trailer – or what appears more like an instructional video – smart motion graphics augment the tongue-in-cheek narration on how to maximize the potential of your breakup. Look at it as the ultimate how-to guide on chasing the ex-blues away. Apparently it’s all about tricking out your online dating profile. In short: keep it positive, use euphemisms, and seem interesting and cultured. Easy peasy.

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4. Head Case: How I Almost Lost My Mind Trying to Understand My Brain

You’ve just published a book – hurray! But that’s only the beginning of your journey, because in today’s world top priorities include an array of promotional activities. And here’s where the funny trailer (which has little to do with the book’s narrative on brain research) steps in.

In what is essentially a series of YouTube clips stitched together, author Dennis Cass is on the phone with his publisher, who puts into perspective the dizzying array of next-steps for promoting his newly published book. For the author, it’s a dreadful conversation. Between YouTube-ing and Facebook-ing, building his avatar and meeting friends, and updating his website and conducting a writing workshop, there’s just oh so much to do…you can forget about actually writing!

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5. Darth Vader and Son

For his adorable new graphic novel (which is already a hit on best-seller lists), author Jeffrey Brown, a life-long Star Wars fan, reimagines a goofy Star Wars world, one complete with the trials and joys of parenting. Produced by the book’s publisher, Chronicle Books, the trailer, in turn, delivers a fun animation. In this light-hearted edition, Darth Vader is a ‘regular dad’, and life lessons include the usual: lightsaber battling practice, using the Force to raid the cookie jar, and of course, father and son eating ice cream cones together (because what activity could possibly be less normal?). It’s the family edition of Star Wars you’ve always dreamed of!

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