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Film Chrome Experiments


Self-described as a lab for showcasing the creative potential of cutting edge and open source web tech, like HTML5, WebGL, etc., we envision Chrome Experiments more akin to a playground packed with digital tricks that tickle your every passion. Except these are playful, and they’re all based on a new-found love and curiosity for the […]

Participatory Documentaries


Technology is changing how we tell stories on many levels, but perhaps most importantly it’s the role audiences now get to play in guiding the narrative. Take participatory documentaries, which have emerged as a way to share stories about communities by including the voices of people in the community itself – both in the making […]

Storytelling Apps


Update: This Top 5 was compiled in 2012. You might also like our 2014 Top 5 feature about the best storytelling tools. Storytelling and technology are both nothing new. What’s new is today’s digital revolution, bringing with it cutting-edge connectivity, media convergence and interactive techniques that promise to better than ever represent reality. Considering the wealth […]

iPad Documentaries


With the release of the first iPad just three years ago a new medium for visual storytelling was born. It wouldn’t take long before publishers, photojournalists, and filmmakers flocked to create immersive experiences specifically for this platform. With a big screen and the promise of better interactivity than ever before, the iPad has the potential […]

Stop-Motion Book Trailers


*Click on images to view trailers* The last time we did a roundup of book trailers it was 2010. Exciting times were ahead: book trailers were the shiny new thing on the horizon (although they made their initial debut sometime around 2002) and full of promise, offering readers a new vehicle for experiencing a story. […]

Projection Mappings 2012


2012 was a memorable year for projection mappings, and they’ve come a long way since we first wrote about them back in 2009. This past year we were dazzled with an overwhelming amount of examples of this evolving and transformative art form that playfully re-imagines static surfaces using a combination of motion graphics, 3D animations, […]

Artist Profile Series


On the hunt for your daily dose of inspiration? Have an insatiable appetite for awesome interviews? Look no further, we’re about to satisfy all your creative hunger in 5 easy links. The web is at treasure trove of inspiration, and we’d like to think we contribute in some way. Over the years we’ve been producing […]

Interactive Music Videos 2013


It’s high time we revisited the state of interactive music videos since we last wrote about them back in 2011. Back then we just launched the brand-new Interactive category – now going stronger than ever before – on 2Pause, our rad music portal celebrating the very best in music video culture. If the last two years have shown […]

Hilarious Book Trailers


*Click on images to view trailers* Welcome to Part Two of our book trailers roundup, where we present the Top 5 wildly funny book trailers we’ve come across to date (here’s Part One in case you missed it). The competition was stiff, but these trailers — oscillating between self-parodies to purely odd ball humor, and […]


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