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From the “Chunks” Archive: Rutu Modan’s “Goody Two Shoes”

No, this is not Sex in the City – The Animation. (Come to think of it, that would be awesome!). “Goody Two Shoes” is the pilot episode of an animated series that sadly never happened.

Created by Rutu Modan and Batia Kolton, two acclaimed illustrators and graphic novelists of the Israeli comic artist collective Actus Tragicus, “Goody Two Shoes” was supposed to be an animated series about the lives of four teenage girls in the swinging 1960s. You know, when girls just wanted to be girls, who date boys. The pilot has it all: raging teen hormones, ice cream parlors, pink-lace bedrooms, and endless phone calls.

See also our 2009 Pretty Cool People Interview with Rutu Modan

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