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First in a series of video interviews with artists and designers recorded at our 2011 ‘Playgrounds vs Submarine Channel‘ motion design fest in Amsterdam. More videos, stories, and photos from the event here.

‘Impossible’ is not a word that Physalia have in their vocabulary. The Barcelona-based motion graphics and visual effects crew scoff at the notion that there are things in this world that are not possible when it comes to creating their imagination-bending and gutsy short films, ads, viral videos and title sequences.

Having met in an animation masterclass, the studio was formed after three classmates discovered they shared the same approach to their work. As much as they’re into working with their vectors and pixels, Physalia also have a love for straying from behind the computer screen to slice, dice, drill, and hammer their way to creating machines and contraptions that will make their visions come to life.

With their love for mixed-media and combined technical skills in all facets of animation the Spanish DIY’ers have made the likes of MTV Europe, Volkswagon, Toyota and Nokia happy and their presence felt at the F5 Festival and MAD MMX.

The interview features co-founders Mauro Gimferrer, Marcos Cora and Pablo Barquín, along with their producer, Belén Palo

Interview: Rani Nugraha
Camera + editing: Christiaan Grammer
Making Of footage: Physalia
Line producer: Coen van Oostrom
Produced by: Submarine Channel 2011
Thanks to: Physalia, Linda van der Heijden @Pakhuis de Zwijger





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