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Exhibition designers Kossmann.dejong exploit every inch of space available to them to create immersive experiences around their subjects. With a background in architecture, they use a mix of media and disciplines to tell associative stories. For DutchDFA our production company Submarine made a portrait of these guys. Join Kossmann.dejong as they show us their ideas for a museum of psychiatry, a good example of how they tell compelling stories.

For Kossmann.dejong, film, light and sound are essential components in the imaginative presentation of complex content. With a host of projects scattered around the globe, they set a new standard in exhibition design, exemplified in their work for the World Expo in Shanghai. The Dolhuys, an old mental institution in Haarlem which became a museum of psychiatry in 2005, is a good example of how they tell compelling stories.

In an online era, where information is available to everybody all the time, some might argue that museums are a relic of the past. But Kossmann.dejong are adamant that their approach guarantees the survival of museums in the 21st century.

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CREDITS Director: Sarah Domogala, Camera: Menno Mans, Sound: Eric Leek, Editing: Maurik de Ridder, Music Sound Design: Big Orange, Research: Kirsten Hannema, Commissioning editor Submarine: Geert van de Wetering, Producer Submarine: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Produced by Submarine, Commissioned by DutchDFA


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