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Chunk: Municipal Constructions

Intelligent Eye Candy

The progressive British DVD label C0C0S0L1DC1TY operates in the vanguard of the audiovisual arts. Pronounced Coco-Solid-City I guess, this label is not about eye candy alone. It’s about fostering high brow collaborative projects between visual artists – animators, designers, filmmakers and the like – and (electronic) musicians that actually have something to say about the world we live in. Video and animation artist Graham Clayton-Chance, who has directed videos for REM and Scissor Sisters, and electronic musician Ian Heywood are responsible for the 15th DVD release on the C0C0S0L1DC1TY label. Under the Limmat monniker, they worked on the project titled ‘Municipal 44’ for no less than “3 years of sweat, toil and tears”, according to the info on label’s website. And it shows. The ambitious collection of eight architecture-inspired tracks on the DVD convey a rich variety of audiovisual atmospheres.

Much like ‘Amaya’ and ‘Invisible Cities’, both tracks from earlier C0C0S0L1DC1TY releases also featured in our collection of Chunks, ‘Municipal Constructions’ is a conceptual piece (over 14 minutes!) that reflects on contemporary urban architecture and our interaction with it.

Produced / directed / animated by
Graham Clayton-Chance

Ian Heywood

Live action DOP
Brian Spranklen

Performance choreography
Grace Surman


Lou Paradis



Julia Pott

Joline Jolink