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2Pause: Emo Carousel

If you thought that David Wilson had just about explored every single nook and cranny of his uber-creative brain (see his strata-cut, Garden of Eden love-story, face-painting stop-motion, praxinoscoped life evolution circles, or these insanely psychedelic animations), then think again.

Wilson returns to 2Pause with two music videos that are galaxies apart. Charon is a touching animated story of a desperately depressed puppet that makes even the most convinced happy-go-lucky optimist see the glass half empty. Metronomy’s The Bay, on the other hand, is rather odd outing in Wilson’s oeuvre, in which he marries Helmut Newton’s 1970’s sex-glam with an overall nerdy, retro chill-out mood that just makes you crave for a Euro-trip to some quaint, formerly upper-class resort like Saint-Tropez or Monte Carlo (from before the P Diddy’s).

The two other must-sees in our happy/sad emo roller-coaster week are Elliot Dear’s bubblicious adventures of a lonely dog, and Eric Epstein’s body sculptural Yes I Know for Memory Tapes.


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