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Animated e-book trailer for thriller ‘The Heir’

Submarine Channel produces four animated trailers for e-books by the acclaimed Dutch thriller author Charles Den Tex. Each e-book trailer explores a different motion comic technique, and is made by an upcoming Dutch artist.

We are very excited about the second trailer in the series that promotes the e-book version of Charles dex Tex‘s brand-new thriller De Erfgenaam (The Heir). To get the interdisciplinary creative juices flowing we paired the author with illustrator Jasper Rietman and Sub’s in house web dev wizz Gijs Kattenberg. The result is a unique animated book trailer unlike any other:

This trailer was animated using the HTML5 parallax scrolling technique (ergo: y’all need to scroll, peeps). Nice about the Skrollr script is that it works across all platforms, including tablets. We were inspired by The Guardian, who used a similar technique for their America: Elect! motion comic. We further developed the technique by adding sound effects and animated GIF loops to the animation, which really ads to the overall atmosphere.

The first trailer in the series was made by Jules Calis for the bestselling thriller CEL, also by Charles den Tex. Calis used a beta version of the MotionArtist software to create his motion comic. Two more trailers will be released in April and May 2013. Subscribe to stay informed: Newsletter | Twitter




Storyboard art by Jasper Rietman for De Erfgenaam book trailer




Based on the book ‘De Erfgenaam’ by Charles den Tex, published by De Geus
Trailer: Jasper Rietman
Script: Charles den Tex
Developer: Gijs Kattenberg
Produced by: Submarine Channel
Producers: Femke Wolting Bruno Felix
Creative producer: Remco Vlaanderen
Production manager: Miek ten Brummelhuis
Sound effects:

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In Dutch: Joost Pollmann in de Volkskrant | | | Storytelling Matters
In French: Fous d’Anim

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