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e-Book Trailer: CEL by Charles den Tex

Submarine Channel produces four animated trailers for e-books by the acclaimed Dutch thriller author Charles Den Tex. Each e-book trailer explores a different motion comic technique, and is made by an upcoming Dutch artist.

The best selling thriller CEL was made into a feature film in 2012 and is available as an e-book at Made by the young illustrator and motion comic artist Jules Calis, CEL was the first e-book trailer in the series. We asked Calis to work with a beta version of MotionArtist – a new software tool specifically “designed with the comic and graphic novel creator in mind.” This turned out to be quite the challenge, but the extra investment it took, timewise, paid off in the end.

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The second trailer for the thriller De Erfgenaam (The Heir) is an interactive parallax scroller based on original illustrations by Jasper Rietman (watch | more info)


About the creator: Jules Calis


Jules Calis is a comic artist and illustrator specialized in politically engaged journalistic stories. He graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy with a bachelors degree in Fine Arts. His signature style relies on pencil drawings featuring strong, dramatic contrasts, resembling the look-and-feel of film noir.

One of Jules’ major projects has been a comic book and three motion comics based on interviews with Dutch soldiers who were stationed in Afghanistan. Both the comic book and the motion comics (Watch on YouTube) ‘From Dongen to Afghanistan… and back’ were featured in the Dutch daily newspaper Metro and its website. The motion comic was nominated in the online competition of the Netherlands Film Festival.

e-book trailer: Jules Calis
Script: Charles den Tex
Muziek: Djuri Boot
Visual effects: Paul van Rijckevorsel
Produced by Submarine Channel

CEL animated book trailer by Jules Calis and Charles den Tex



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