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Snow Fall-Style Storytelling


It’s no understatement to say the journalism industry finds itself in very uncertain times. In the face of declining print sales and the old business model in jeopardy, journalists and editorial teams are having to look beyond the traditional ink and paper approach to storytelling more than ever before. The future of journalism almost certainly […]

Interactive Maps


Traditionally maps have helped us find our place in the world; they help us navigate and aid us in the planning and execution of a journey. With the continuing march of improvements in interaction design, they’ve also become in an incredibly useful tool for navigating stories, narratives and educating. Often used as the basis for […]

Interactive Music Videos 2014


Is a revolution coming to the music video? Increasingly we are seeing a swathe of new music videos that offer their viewers something more than the traditional MTV-incarnation we’re so used to. Videos with a new level of interaction and choose-your-own-ending style features have been making waves across the web. It’s not even been a […]

Interactive Docs at RIDM & DocLab


The last few months have been particularly exciting for Submarine Channel. We were given the opportunity to showcase and presentour project Unspeak at two brilliant events, RIDM (Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal) and Amsterdam’s IDFA DocLab. We presented our project Unspeak at both events. Representing filmmakers on either side of the Atlantic, both festivals have quickly garnered a well-earned reputation […]

Guest Couch Gags for The Simpsons


In this Watch The Titles Top 5 takeover, we take a look at some of the greatest commissioned couch gags in the history of one of television’s longest-running shows. If you have your own suggestions or comments, then be sure to let us know over at @SubmarineChannl or @WatchTheTitles The so-called Simpsons ‘couch gag’ has […]

Storytelling Tools 2014


Almost two years ago in April 2012, we published our Top 5 Storytelling Apps, our pick of the best desktop and mobile apps to help storytellers share their narratives. In today’s digital world, storytelling and technology have become intrinsically linked – both feeding each other to make storytelling more engaging, more fitting to the demands […]