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New Fractals


The fractal is back and is as enigmatic as ever! From exciting mathematic visual to spiritual vehicle, fractals have long captured the imagination of especially the nerdy inclined humans. Nowadays they’re used in everything, from game design to weather predictions, and from retro 1990’s party flyers to music videos.   Progressive Julia Fractal This recent […]

Annecy 2018


It was time to recharge my creative batteries. So when the opportunity presented itself to tag along with some of my Submarine colleagues to the world’s biggest animation fest, I seized it. While they were busy meeting and pitching at the MIFA –Annecy’s Animation Film Market– I spent most of my time in the cinemas […]

Interactive projects about online privacy


Most of us don’t seem to care much about our online privacy. Why should we? And what are the effects of living in a world where we are connected –observed even– 24 hours a day? In these five interactive projects, directors and designers create awareness around some of the most important questions of our time: the recording […]

Angouleme Comics Festival


Every time I visit the Angouleme Comics Festival I’m a little bit jealous of the French and their never ending appreciation for comics. In France, comics are valued as an art form. They even call it the “Ninth Art”. Worldwide, the France boasts the biggest comics market after the US and Japan. This all becomes very […]

Lessons Learnt: Directing Drama in VR


In the fall of 2015, we participated in an experiment at the VR Days designed to explore how visual storytelling works in VR. One year later, Ashes to Ashes is released. This short tragicomedy in VR is the final outcome of this adventure. The whole experience of making Ashes to Ashes was a blast. But what did we learn […]


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