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Mr. Kahoona

A golden oldie from the distant realms of internet 1.0…
Meet our spiritual leader, the one and only web guru Mr. Kahoona. Some say he joined an analog rebirth tribe to get in touch with his true self. Others claim they’ve spotted him on E-Bay, selling grilled sandwiches that miraculously bear his own divine likeness.


Mr Kahoona

Mr. Kahoona is a digital oracle, flash animated, self-made guru, created by Dutch studio Ra.ji. Kahoona is there to guide and provide instant advice to web nomads…or just for a good laugh, to start every day on a happy note. There are several ways to receive Mr Kahoona’s wisdom and wit, by visiting Submarine Channel, via email, or even via mobile phones: Mr. Kahoona will sms real-time his daily dose of wisdom.

Mr. Kahoona is a parody on and mirror for the New Age movement and part of that same philosophy at the same time. His advices can be taken either ironically or seriously; because even though the main ingredient in Kahoona’s speeches is his wit sense of humour, his tips can actually make a lot of sense. One might ask “How is that possible?” simple, Kahoona’s answers are distilled from human history of wisdom, and they form a hermetic system in themselves. Therefore, no hesitation in contacting Mr. Kahoona if anyone shall be in need of some psychological support, or to harvest inspiration from his daily, humoristic and positive advices.

Just don’t let him sell you any of his homemade amulets, turbans, or limited edition color books.

Please enter his realm for a new and improved web route touristique.


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