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Submarine Channel produced four animated trailers for e-books by Dutch thriller author Charles Den Tex. Each book trailer was made by an upcoming Dutch artist. 


Friend by Aimee de Jongh

De Vriend by Charles den Tex - animated book trailer skrollr

Dutch illustrator and animator Aimee de Jongh made the third e-book trailer in the series, which promotes Charles den Tex’s action-packed thriller De Vriend (Friend). Using powerful visual metaphores, De Jongh’s trailer perfectly captures the confusion and paranoia of the main character, Emma, and her predicament. Like trailer 2, this book trailer explores the parallax scrolling technique to create an interactive animation that puts the user in control. Script by Charles den Tex, creative coding by Sub’s dev Gijs Kattenberg.
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The Heir by Jasper Rietman

book trailers for Charles den Tex by Submarine Channel

The second trailer in the series promotes the e-book version of Charles dex Tex‘s brand-new thriller De Erfgenaam (The Heir). To get the interdisciplinary creative juices flowing we paired the author with illustrator Jasper Rietman and Sub’s in house web dev wizz Gijs Kattenberg. The result is a unique animated book trailer unlike any other.
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The Might of Mister Miller by Mickey Cohen

Animated Interactive Book trailer for De Macht van Meneer Miller by Charles den Tex

Fourth book trailer in this series of four was made by young illustrator Mickey Cohen, based on a script by the author. Mickey is currently studying Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. Cohen completed his illustration and design internship here at Submarine, where he spent his last month working on this book trailer. The Might of Mister Miller (2005) is another solid suspense-laden bestseller by Den Tex that was made into a TV mini-series in 2010.


CEL by Jules Callis

CEL, an e-booktrailer by Jules Calis for the best selling thriller by Charles den Tex

The best selling thriller CEL was made into a feature film in 2012 and is available as an e-book at Made by the illustrator and comic artist/comic journalist Jules Calis, CEL was the first e-book trailer in the series. Atour request, Calis experimented with a beta version of MotionArtist – a new software tool specifically “designed with the comic and graphic novel creator in mind.”
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The Best Book Trailers: screening program

In July 2013, Submarine Channel premiered a unique special screening program featuring a selection of the world’s Best Book Trailers from the past five years at EYE, the Film Museum in Amsterdam. Subsequently, the program screened at the Playgrounds Festival and at Natlab in The Netherlands. Interested in screening this program? Get in touch at info at submarinechannel dot com.



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