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A Second Life Odyssey Returns!

Back online on May 8, Molotov Alva and his search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey, the first documentary entirely shot within Second Life. Episode 1 of this very first MiniMovie was released online in March 2007 under the title My Second Life and became a smash hit on YouTube virtually overnight, catching the attention of a number of US TV networks. HBO ended up securing the rights for the North American territories for an undisclosed six figure sum. A unique feat for a show that was produced for the web although due to contractual restrictions it had to be taken temporarily offline. Thus, the story so far. Now the most anticipated Machinima film of the year returns with the simulcast premiere of “Molotov Alva” on Thursday May 15th at 8pm/7c on Cinemax, and Cinemax Island in Second Life. Read more here. Non US residents will be able to see the film on, where it will be streamed.


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