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Chunk: A Beginners Guide to Giving A Damn…

For all of you concerned citizens out there, this is a public service announcement about climate change and what YOU can do about it. Okay, we know you’re not used to this from SubmarineChannel, but believe me, this is worth it. A Beginners Guide to Giving A Damn… About Climate Change was animated and directed by Airside and Al MacCuish and commissioned by Live Earth. It’s funny, brilliant, lively and bursting with colour. This is a do-good, feel-good short.

The films premiered at the Tribeca film festival in new York last July, as a series of educational and compelling short films that highlight the problems of global warming and are intended to inspire people to find solutions for the climate crisis. The goal was to reach over 2 million people during the Live Earth festival. But then the films kind of disappeared. Finally, some films have now resurfaced, so they’re apparently working on spreading the word after all, releasing the shorts on And here I was thinking the whole concept was not to let anything go to waste.

Well, waste not want not. We want to lend a helping hand to get the news out there. So here is a short for you all. Bursting with color, nicely animated and fun to watch. It’s a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement called A Beginner’s Guide To Giving A Damn… About Climate Change. It’s designed, directed, animated and produced by Airside – the London based design company – and written and co-directed by Al MacCuish. Airside pretty much works with every media form they can get their hands on, from moving image, graphic design and illustration to digital and interactive media, but essentially all they strive to do, is spawn great ideas that work across all media, be that advertisements, television or film.





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